Traditional Thai
Experience Thai traditional massage to restore the flow of energy to your body and enhance general wellness by using Stretching and pressing techniques.
  Cozy Bar
Our friendly bartender is here to make you. favorite cocktail drink, brew a cup of coffee in a cozy, Private corner
ourlooking the garden. We have live sports Program on our 32" CCD screens. for you.
  Relax Foot
Revive tired and weary feets by stimulating your reflex-zones at the pressure points in
the various areas of your feet to relieve swelling and increase blood circulation
  Business Center
- Internet Servics
- Fax Scan Photo copy Print
  Data Back up
- overseas call
- Other Service
- Launday Service
- Limousine Service
  Aromatherapy Body
Brighten your mood and relax with soothing oil and aromatherapy massage by gently rubbing oil onto your skin and using kneading circular hand movement to reduce stress
and tension from your muscles and tendon line.
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